Update on the site

January 31, 2008

Most of you are probably checking in by now to see what’s going on with the site, so here’s the deal.

As you know, it’s been down since about 4pm yesterday. After waiting for hours on hold with front line support monkeys giving me a complete run around I decided just to contact the corporate offices to get this done quick and right. I filed a complaint with the BBB already, and it seems like a lot of other people have already too. The CEO supposedly made a chuckle-head move and downgraded their servers from 100 gigs down to 4. Why? Who knows. Don’t really care. I just had to get out of there quick… it’s going to be about 2 billing cycles before I even see the money back on my card, too. Don’t ever sign up with iPower. You’ll walk out of it with a big headache. Ask these guys, who are helping hundreds if not thousands of people migrate away from iPower’s servers and terrible service. HostJury will definitely be getting some traffic from me before I ever decide to make another decision with servers and hosting. They did point me towards HostGator though, and it’s already registered, now comes the process of migrating everything over from iPower’s crappy software to the new provider…

Also I didn’t need the frustration of going through trying to keep my domain name, it’s cheaper to register a new one than redirect the old one, so expect to see former Dust and Ashes over at desertwisdom.com Desert Wisdom. I think I like that more anyway. Gives it a more monastic, ‘Death to the World’ feel.

Give it a couple days and you’ll see everything back up, and we’ll never have to worry about terrible service providers again.

And honestly guys? Contributions are welcome. I’ve already put out upwards of $100 into it and I have to put more into the new server to get it up and going. Contact me on IM, on the site, or elsewhere if have the info. Of course you can also email me.

Thanks for checking in!