St. Macarius on Prayer

January 12, 2008

“Use the empty, cold dryness of your prayer as food for your humility. Repeat constantly: I am not worthy, Lord, I am not worthy! But say it calmly, without agitation. This humble prayer will be acceptable to God.” – St. Macarius of Optina


2 Responses to “St. Macarius on Prayer”

  1. handmaid Says:

    Dear Blake,
    I would have answered on the post below but couldn’t find the combox.
    You have my prayers. I have a history of colon cancer in the family, paternal side (my grandma died from it fairly early – she never made 50) and my father has a history of polyps and all the other good fun. Last year was my turn. It is alarming! No one expects to get up off of the toilet and see THAT! Its also painful as you say, been there and I get scoped every four years, I also am on a regime (love that word!) of milk of magnesia tablets every night- for “regularity” LOL! I am 42!
    Let me tell you, I eat my oatmeal and ground flaxseed each morning (except Sunday) and I now pay attention to what goes in the body. Pay attention to your diet, I know I sound like your mother, but that is what will kill you and me, with our histories.
    God just gave us a nudge and bodies that respond quickly to crap. Thank you Jesus! We can correct what we know about, we are foolish if we don’t.
    The worst part of the colonoscopy is the prep, don’t be far from your pot. 🙂 It will be your best friend that whole time!
    Let us know before the test and we will pray that day.
    in Christ,

  2. Seraphim Says:

    We all could stand to remember the words of this elder. Nice post.

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