Speechless: A love poem.

November 27, 2007

A faint whisper reaches across the stretches of eternity,
softly spoken words gathered in one accord fall silently
back to earth, warming us with their splendor and light.


Speechless, I behold the beauty of it’s echo;
and I know in this moment I’m more alive than I’ll ever be.


The warmth of your grace which shines from your eyes
devours my entire being, and in this perfect solace I feel
as though our hearts and souls entwine; if only for a moment
two become one, and nothing known is of any significance.


Speechless, I breathe everything that you are into me;
and I know that this fire inside could never be pacified.


Rationality becomes subjacent to your magnificence,
my burdening anchor of doubts lifted without effort —


I behold a mystery, that in your softly spoken words you
bear the key which unbinds my every last burden.


Speechless, I find myself in the midst of overwhelming desire;

and I know that I could never need anything as much as I need you.


One Response to “Speechless: A love poem.”

  1. greatpoetrymhf Says:

    You are indeed blessed in your writings. Thank you for being that Vehicle.

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