My soul, my soul, look East.

November 23, 2007

I’m plagued by your incessant ramblings, abyssal doctrines spewed forth unbeknownst from impressionable carnal minds, swimming, spiraling downward, into the delusion of egotism and self-exaltation. Where is refuge? I ponder, stoic in expression yet raging within, effort poured into the taming of my passions, a nomad in a world abased. Today’s “great minds”, armchair theologians from vain academies, self-help modern gurus, new-age deluded garbage spewers, ecumenist spineless death-speakers, they sell vanity and infernal whispers with the veneer of wisdom, a faux-intelligence coming to nothing.

The blind lead the blind.

Mega-churches sell health and prosperity to itching ears, men chase religion as opposed to true spirituality, and self-ordained spiritualists fall into the clutches of the powers of the air. Our voices from the desert, rarely permeating the spirit of the age, fall onto ears deafened by virtue’s decay, heart’s left cold and dead in the clutches of hedonism. The ineffable Godhead, spoken of casually; God the Father made to be a tyrant, God the Logos into a prophet alone, God the Holy Spirit into an expression of ecumenist spirituality, our God blasphemed in too many ways…

Will there be faith left in the world?

My soul, my soul, look East — you will find refuge there. Israel is still within God’s mighty hand. A cloud of witnesses is with us still, the desert remembers our names. Hold your peace, bridle your tongue, partake of that mystery of the world to come in which God is still exalted, even on the wings of a dove, even by the wind in the tree, even by the steady flow of the stream. Watch and pray, as our fathers prayed, as our fathers pray for us still, that you be delivered from the seductions of this age. Turn away from the temptations of Sodom and Gomorrah, rebuke the infants of Babylon, bear your cross for glory, bear martyrdom for a crown.

If you were of the world, the world would love it’s own. But you have been called to leave the world behind.

For the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.


6 Responses to “My soul, my soul, look East.”

  1. Wei-Hsien Wan Says:


    Your prophetic angst reminds me of Jeremiah’s! Speaking as one who shares some of your sentiments, I do want to urge you to be careful, however, that it not weigh you down or overwhelm you.

    Christ is risen, and Death is overthrown!
    Christ is risen, and the demons are fallen!
    Christ is risen, and Life reigns!

    Yours in Christ,

  2. donva Says:

    You make me want to change the name of my blog.


    Another excellent piece, Blake. Go ahead. Get it all out!

  3. handmaidmaryleah Says:

    St Silouan says: The more perfect the love; the holier the life.
    Seek humility, pray for love, above all pray for love, and be grateful to God that you have found Him; and the Fathers say: be more silent…
    your sister in the Pokrov,

  4. Joseph Patterson Says:

    This is a very insightful post. Thank you for sharing these meditations with us. Humbly keep up the good work.

    Joseph Patterson

  5. Blake,

    You are a really talented writer. I’m looking forward to hearing how this unfolds.

  6. Blake Says:

    @W.H.: Thank you for your comment, and for the kind sentiment. I wouldn’t say that it’s overwhelmed me, or that I’m down… only aware. Christ is risen!

    @Don: I always appreciate your comments! I’ve been keeping up with your blog lately, too. Thanks man.

    @Mary-Leah: May St. Silouan pray for us. Thank you for edifying me. May we both learn and understand the virtue of silence. May the Theotokos smile warmly upon you.

    @Joseph: I really appreciate it. Thank you for reading, and I’ll continue to share my thoughts. I hope they’re edifying to you in some way.

    @Andrea: Thank you so much. You and me both.

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