Ever had a good friend?

November 20, 2007

I have. And he’s a friend who I haven’t had the honor of meeting yet face to face. You know, the friendship, no, brotherhood I have with Don is one that I hope will continually grow and last until we leave this earth, tattered, torn, weary, and hopeful in Christ’s mercy. He’s there, and I’m here, but we’re both two soldiers on the same battlefield, and more than one of our struggles have been the same. Maybe that’s one reason why we’re the friends that we are.

But let me show you here what Don recently wrote, that really warmed my heart and touched my soul:

I am an only son, but that has not stopped me from having a brother. With Thanksgiving this week, I thought I’d post a little about someone who has truly impacted my life in a way that I never would have imagined.

Blake, who is not only the administrator at Orthopraxis (a forum for Orthodox Christians, inquirers and catechumens) but is also blogging again, has been an enormous blessing to know, and is man I am proud to call my brother.

At less than half my age, he and I met in some sort of spiritual middle amidst a sea of online forum posts. We have never met in person, but have developed what I hope will grow into a lifelong friendship. We have gone from discussing how attractive the monastic life is to belly-laughter over a term like “permafrost” in the click of a mouse.[I cracked up on this part, Don!] It is not unusual for a simple conversation with Blake to evolve into an hours-long discussion of how the Orthodox Faith has affected us. We’re a couple of sinners trying to carve our ways through this life with the hopes of reaping the reward of eternal life when we’re through here. I am so grateful that he’s put his unbelievable writing talents to work on a blog that is as well written as it is edifying. I can’t help but regain focus on my faith when I take the time to read Dust and Ashes.

In his young life, he has overcome more than I could even imagine surviving, and yet, he’s become this beacon of Christianity that shines its light on the world. Check out his blog, you’ll see what I mean. He’s wise beyond his years, realistic about his goals (in this life and the next), true to his friends, honest with himself, and more insightful than I could ever hope to be.

I am thankful to have run into this guy. He’s the kind of friend you want to share with everyone you know, which is the entire purpose of this post.

May God bless you, Blake, and grant you many years.

Although it’s hard to live up to the picture Don painted of me, I am very touched and thankful that he took the time to write something like that.

May God bless you and son. Remembering you both in my prayers, for all they’re worth.


One Response to “Ever had a good friend?”

  1. donva Says:

    Write on, Brother!

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