Oh sinful soul, prepare the way…

November 17, 2007

Oh, desert dwelling… how you call my name. Oh, supernal nourishment, bread of life, heavenly wine, living water… how I hunger and thirst. Oh world unending, kingdom everlasting, glory within the Light of the Lamb, how weak are my steps towards you. Oh God the Father, strengthen this walk in faith. Oh God the Son, grant me these crosses to bear upon it. Oh God the Holy Spirit, comfort me along the way. Oh Holy Trinity, God Almighty, be my fortress. Oh Heavenly Angel, be at my side now and at the hour of death. Oh Mother of God, smile warmly upon me as I draw weakly towards your Son. Oh protector Isaac, my father most wise, pray unceasingly for my wretched soul. Oh bodiless hosts of Heaven, protect me who am unworthy. Oh glorious and radiant martyrs, pray for my vigilance. Oh Saints of Heaven, remember my name.

Oh sinful soul, oh fleeting heart, oh carnal mind, remember God always, Who created and fashioned you not for the pleasures you seek, but to repent and walk with Him always. Oh physical body, hedonist temple, forsake your idle offerings and prepare your altar for Him Who gave you a body for His indwelling. As long as you have life run after labors, denying yourself ease and idleness, knowing they injure the soul more than the demons.

Prepare the way, for the sake of holiness, prepare the way… open yourself to grace through the vessels of virtue. Fast, pray, be humble, be obedient, be vigilant, abase the ego and exalt the Lord, Who abased Himself first to be below all angels and below all men. Prepare the way, I cry again: In your soul place a great and burning star, bring your offerings to the Child who will soon be born again within the manger of your soul, so that we may triumphantly cry together…



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