Simple pleasures bring the greatest joy.

November 16, 2007

I came on today browsing through my dashboard here on WordPress, and I was moved. For one thing, within the 3 days of having this blog open I wouldn’t have imagined having 165 views, which are steadily growing to my surprise. I’ve blogged before, and was happy to get 10 views a week, but then again I had nothing more to talk about in those days than nihilistic, secular teenage nonsense.

To be noticed for my own sake isn’t what I’m hoping for. 10,000 page views would mean nothing without having at least one heart warmed or one soul opened towards Christ and His Church. I suppose that this blog is less of a blog, more of a net, for this humble fisherman. I’ll catch ’em, the Lord can clean ’em, as we say in the South. So today, having noticed that I had done just that, it’s pretty hard to wipe the smile off my face.

“There is a new Orthodox blog you should read. The insights of this 20 year old will cause your heart to leap for joy. The blog is Dust and Ashes.”Joseph Patterson of ‘Mind In the Heart’

I don’t claim to have many insights. Whatever the Lord deems good to reveal to a great sinner such as myself, to Him belongs all glory. Still, I can’t say I’m not touched, and Joseph will most definitely be added to my blogroll, and I hope to keep in touch with this voice for Orthodoxy.

Other things worth mentioning:

I’ve got a job I start tomorrow that pays more than I’ve ever made and gives full benefits, plus a free satellite TV subscription which my family should like. Personally I could go without TV, but hey, hard to say the same for this computer here. Hey, we all have our vice, okay?

This job is going to let me go to Church every Sunday. I’ll be working a lot of hours, but, that means I’m working towards a car, and that means, with Father’s blessing, I can go spend a night or two with the monks.

The Nativity Fast is upon us, and slothful and sinful as I am, I’m still happy to know that I have this opportunity to prepare the manger within my heart and soul for the coming of the Child. May it be found acceptable. Pray for me.

The weather is cold, but the sun is shining through my window.

Find your simple pleasures in life, and you’ll always be able to smile.


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